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1st-Jun-2020 10:17 am - Sticky post: About Me/Friends Policy
Given the stagnation of development at LJ, this journal is now 99% friends only so I can post about my personal drama llamas to my lovely LJ buddies. Fandom is now pretty much all going on at deejayl.tumblr.com and general life stuff + some fandom continues to roll on at @deejayl.

Info, interests and other places you can find me on the web can be found on my profile page.

The ultra shiny friends policy.Collapse )web tracking software
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GUYS. The new poster for Joss's Much Ado About Nothing made me SO HAPPY this morning!


I'm really stupidly stoked to see this movie. More so than for The Avengers, if that makes sense? The Avengers was a lot of great spectacle, but my fave is when Joss does character pieces and conversation, which I'm assuming this will be made of. So yes. Plus, my Fred/Wesley shipper heart loves these two actors so much aaaagh.

Cut for RL thingsCollapse )

Once Upon a Time things!Collapse )

And yeah, I'm redesigning all the things at the moment (freelance portfolio, deejayl.com and my lj layout, blah blah) but paid work comes first, a cobbler's son has no shoes, etc etc.

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20th-Jun-2012 11:22 pm - All LJ markup tags in one entry
You guys, check out fiddlingfrog's All LJ markup tags in one entry.

There's some cool stuff there, like spoiler tags, embeddable Google maps, Like and Give tags, the Repost tag, and more. Awesome.

Thanks for the heads up grrliz (her post).
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What even was that? How can you legitimise an overwrought 'sad song clip show' in only the second episode?! Kiera, you have displayed very few endearing qualities, a son who creeps me out, and a seriously bland husband, so no, I don't particularly feel any empathy for you or the mere 3 days you have spent without your family yet. Please do cry some more over how much I could not bear to watch this painful, over-dramatic-but-with-no-real-tension sci-fi soap.


It's so disappointing when things you would like to love, turn out to suck. Should I even bother watching episode 3? If it's any more of the same (ie: no humour, no dramatic tension, no frights, the most boring characters you will ever meet) I no longer wish to participate.

Or, maybe it's just me.

Thank goodness my new show Avatar: The Last Airbender is being cute and funny. Edit: Which was recced to me by noblealice fidesangelus and hjea. APPA, YIP YIP!! :D :D :D
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So on Sunday night Rachel Nichols' new show sci-fi show set in Vancouver aired to a pretty freakin impressive 900k viewers on Showcase.


Some pics from Continuum (no spoilers if you know the premise)Collapse )

I was a teensy bit wary of the screenplay, which bordered on obvious, but I can overlook this while the show finds it's feet and gets over it's World Building Syndrome, and while Rachel is cute in a butt-kicky way. The incredibly clichéd white male cop (Carlos) was grating on me after 30 seconds, as did the white male nerd (Alec) (who thief21 pointed out is the camera guy from SCRE4M). But whatever, maybe they will become awesome and loveable.

So, friends! Are you watching Continuum? If so, what did you think of the pilot?

ALSO, RACHEL NICHOLS! Ps, go watch The Inside.
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24th-May-2012 09:26 pm - Sexy Lexy
After Ellen: You have a very good lesbian walk; do you think this is because you do so much yoga?
Anna Skellern: No, it’s just because I’ve ridden lots of horses.


Great interview with my very favourite chilled out Aussie nurse living in Glasgow, An interview with Anna Skellern of "Lip Service".

(A very minor spoiler for ep 2x05 of Lip Service...)

I just LOVE that the deciding factor that made Ed dump Nina was her confusing Lord of the Flies with Lord of the Rings. The disbelief in his voice when he corrects her!! PURE COMEDY.

Also, this:

Sam/Lexy is nice, but I am beginning to suspect I would ship Lexy/anyone right now.
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15th-May-2012 11:38 pm - Lip Service OMFG
No spoilers, just—Lip Service 2x04 was a proper heart-in-my-throat, OMFGing, spectacular mess.


If iPlayer wasn't misbehaving so badly right now I would be photoshopping/iconning/picspamming the living daylights out of this show!!!

Ps: Two sleeps til pirateygoodness arrives for a spot of adventuring. Not bad timing, right before the Queen's Jubilee. Everything is going to be extra English. Including the weather I hear. /rainforever
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21st-Feb-2012 02:16 pm - In Reverie
I  wrote Grandad (Dad's father) a letter from England to him in Sydney, Australia last month, and have received a letter pack back today including a book of his poems.

Here is one of them, written while he was sitting in the waiting room at St. Vincents's Hospital just five days before his second wife and life's companion, my Nanna, died in 1996.


I dream of dreams we've shared;
and nightmares too,

Of anguish we've been spared
and rainbow's hue.

Life's moments truly rare,
a patch of blue.

The wondrous gift of God,
he brought me to you.

It's simple, but it kind of tore my heart out.

Nanna was an adventurous, cultured, and educated Englishwoman. She never lost her accent and was an absolute wonder. She always had a sparkle in her eye and I remember how she lent a theatrical twist to her speech. I should like to be even half the woman she was.

Grandad owes a lot of his hobbies and interests to Nanna. He can often be found waxing poetical about his life and memories. In his letters he always colours my experiences with his own in that well-written, whimsical fashion so few people can these days. He mentioned touring France and Italy with Nanna and their own sense of wonder at visiting the British Museum together and seeing the Rosetta Stone and other ancient marvels I had written about seeing with Thiefy just last month.

At 90 years old I'm sure there's more stories he would fancy telling. I should write him more often.

This has been an off-topic post by Deej.

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The answer may lie in a particularly neat, spoiler-free primer by pirateygoodness: Lost Girl: A Primer for the Curious.

And if that primer tickles your fancy, and you happen to be in the States, lucky you! Because Lost Girl begins airing tonight (Monday, 16th January) on Syfy at 10/9c!

I know, right!


This has been a public service announcement.
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4th-Jan-2012 12:24 am - OHAI!
Quick quick gotta write this before I get distracted and wander to another tab!

As you may have guessed, London has nommed me up, and as a result LJ is more of a read-y than write-y place for me at the moment. I'd like to post a few more Pics From Real Life posts a la P
ics from Paris and telly back in early September. However, we are very short on sunlight here at the moment, which makes my crappy iPhone photos all washed out. WHATEVER, I WILL DEAL AND POST SOMETHING.

On the recent LJ changes:
  • UGH, WRONGWRONGWRONG. Well okay, maybe not all wrong, but getting rid of comment subject lines when they're so vital to comms when subject-threading? *incorrect answer buzzer*
  • The hyper-spaced comments section also seems very waste-of-spacey. So much so that I tried to fix it in 10 mins :P 
  • I don't hate the user icon preview, but I don't think I'll be renewing my LJ subscription this time around so I'll only have like 6 icon slots anyways. Cry.
On Christmas and New Year:
  • I very much enjoyed the UK's version of Christmas. It was genuinely festive in ways it will never be back in summery Australia.
  • Christmas with Thiefy's family was very cute and laid back, it was super.
  • Gotta give London mad props—they really blew the hell outta the London Eye this year.
On teevees:
  • Doctor Who Chrissy special was decidedly unspecial.
  • Downton Abbey Christmas special was a roller coaster of emotion!
  • Rewatching Buffy with the gf, which has been surprisingly good fun.
  • Homeland was freaking amazing all season. I think I lived for it even more than Lost Girl.
  • Lost Girl was occasionally magnificent but idk, there's something missing for me there, somewhere. pirateygoodness's hilar recaps more than make up for any misgivings though.
  • Isn't Game of Thrones back yet?!
In other news, I spoke with my BFF from school little_pilot who is planning to embark on a European adventure in July. She planted a seed of an idea, wherein I let my 12 month contract here run out in August and take off to travel with her for a month or so. It would be AWESOME. I don't love the idea of leaving Thiefy to work while I play, but when these opportunities bang on your door, you bang em right back, amiright?! ;) You only get one life to live!

I think that's gonna be my motto for 2012 :D
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Dreamhost's so called scheduled maintenance (which was barely announced and has been having ongoing issues for some 6 hours already instead of 30 mins) is probably affecting some million odd websites, including Dreamhost's, LOL! Poor show, suckas.

It also means my fangirl hosting at deejayl.com is down. It'll mess up:
  1. deej  and deejayl.com
  2. legendofseeker
  3. sword_of_lies
  4. and probably a load of other fangirls / gifs
Anyways, no need to panic if you see stuff missing. It'll recover one day (we hope)!

Dreamhost's name probably wont recover from this PR mess though. OOPSIES.

Edit: And we're back!

Edit 2: bo_lauren! (Cuz I did the layout, but more importantly, there is a sexy ficathon happening over thar!)

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7th-Oct-2011 12:33 pm - Pics from Paris and telly
There appears to be a common misconception that if one's personal LJ is quiet, they are not active users any more.

FALSE! I AM STALKING ALL OF YOU THOROUGHLY. Mostly pirateygoodness' completely spot on Lost Girl picspams. (PS: Go write me fic and post it at bo_lauren okay.)

My brain feels very sludgy whenever I go to blog these days. I attribute this to a great many factors, not least that I am distracted by being in London which is, by the way, SO COOL GUYS. OMG, I LOVE THIS CITY. THE PUBS, OMG. It's just a pity the weather is turning unfavourable. Yesterday I walked outside and it was clear and blue which lulled me into a false sense of security because the cold was actually piercing. I'm really unused to sharp cold and whipping winds. I miss my temperate golden Brisbane sun already. But I will say, the warm weather in France is damn near perfect, and you can lie in the sun without getting burned—heavenly, guh.

While I'm feeling Photoshoppy, here, have some photos I've taken since moving to London.Collapse )

In other news, I am totes enjoying my TV at the moment. I have drawn a diagram to illustrate my current feelings on the topic:

Heh. Thiefy comes to London tonight! ANOTHER WEEKEND OF RAPTURES, YAY!
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I was going through my Seeker folders and found this only half-finished recap of Desecrated that was created on 11 April 2010 (so, a year and a half ago?) and figured it's worth sharing even though it's unfinished, BECAUSE SERIOUSLY, THIS EPISODE, LOL.

ANYWAY, here it is :)

Tip: I strongly suggest rewatching the episode before reading this for maximum lolls.

Seeker 2x16 Desecrated Cracky Recap banner

I FREAKING LOVE THAT MOVIE. AND I LOVE THIS EPISODE! Which is pretty much why I've resurrected (har har) the recaps 16 months past their expiry date.

Cut for thoughts (and pictures!) as I watch...Collapse )
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12th-Aug-2011 07:51 pm - Airports and Lovehearts

At Brisbane International! Off to Paris in less than 1 hour!

It's all been relaxed and easy. It feels right. I'm so, so, so unbelievably happy.

Catch you guys on the other side!!! - Deej x

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At least, this is how it feels. Maybe I'm just too laid back to work up an appropriate amount of anxiety? I fly out on Friday 12th August (4 sleeps to go!), and it's not like I've been insane with stress or anything. I mean I have my moments, but it's really going pretty well.

Mind you, this week is probably going to be hell in a handbasket, what with work, moving out of the flat, selling the car, panic-panic-run-do-not-walk etc.

Can I just say that I hate the way stuff just collects when you live in one place for, say, 5 years.

So the plan is:
  1. Mon-Wed: Work. Sell car, otherwise give to parents to deal with.
  2. Wed: Parents arrive in Brisbane to help me move out of the flat.
  3. Thurs: Moving day! Close old bank account, finalise all arrangements. Spend the night with parents in the hotel.
  4. Fri: Probably last minute freakout. Attempt to stuff my favourite teddy bears into my suitcase. Cry when they will not fit. (This probably wont happen, as I don't have any teddy bears).
  5. Friday evening: HELLO EMIRATES, TAKE ME TO PARIS!!!!!!!!!!
I get a whole week of end-of-summer bliss with Thiefy in Paris, then we're flying to England to spend Friday night with her sister (I'm meeting the family, GULP) then on the weekend we head up to London.  Thiefy heads back to Paris on Sunday and leaves me to settle in and start work on Monday. I think that's when it will all become very real. Mostly I just need to get myself a new SIM card in London ASAP so I can have internets and be connected to the world!
...Suppose I'd better go dismantle all my IKEA furniture then :P
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13th-Jul-2011 10:11 pm - Meh, a meme
Meme nicked from engelen who I have recently discovered via the joys of tumblr. She is a talented artist (Community fanart!) and also completely crazy, which I love.

15 Years Ago (July 1996):
1) I was an 8 year old tomboy who hung out in the street with the boys and worshipped the ground they walked on.
2) I desperately wanted a BMX like this.
3) I fell off a railing I was climbing over and landed on my chin, resulting in 11 stitches in my face. I was so proud after I had finished screaming my way through being stitched up in the surgery.

The rest of the meme. Remember when we did these while killing time instead of going on tumblr or twitter to kill time?Collapse )

In five years (July 2016):
1) I will be 28, omg.
2) I will be living and working in the same country as my gf. Finally! ...Hopefully :P
2) I will still be on LiveJournal :D
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6th-Jul-2011 09:56 pm - IT'S ON, LIKE LOND-ON.
My UK visa arrived!

I bought a one way flight!

There are boxes already packed in my room!

I FLY AWAY TO LONDON (via Paris for a week of course) ON AUGUST 12!!

I'd love if anyone has suggestions regarding places to live. Like what boroughs to avoid, places with good coffee culture and transport, basically where I should try to live if I'm working in North London area. I suspect the peeps I'm working with will be able to give me some info but the more knowledge, the merrier my brain!
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So the transfer to the London office that the CEO offered me is actually happening, much to my amazement. This weekend I gave all my monies to the government in an effort to get my paws on a UK work visa, tomorrow I get my biometric data taken for the visa application, and (hopefully) this week the London office will send the work contract detailing my transfer from Sole Sexy Front End Developer in Brisbane to Blonde Ridiculous Office Manager in London. Yes, I'm going to be a glorified secretary, shutup. PLEASE LET IT ALL GO SMOOTHLY, OH GOD.

All personal fretting aside, things are looking good. I've been waiting for an opportunity to skip over to the northern hemisphere for some months now to be closer to my sexy Thiefy in Paris. 2 hours on the train for €70 is a cakewalk compared to 30 hours on 2-3 flights for $2,000.

Also awesome: getting to say ridiculous sentences like “We'll probably split our weekends between London and Paris”.

Of course, when I move to London in August I will be getting a corgi and calling him Rombles:

Possibly I will get 5 corgis.

Is there anyone reading who lives in/around London and has any hot tips for a newbie? :D
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18th-Apr-2011 10:57 pm - Drive-by Game of Thrones squee!

Game of Thrones. Thank GOD. I was so worried that it was all too good to be true and that they were going to regurgitate an expensive mess. It would instead appear that the production is indeed fricken awesome, it moved very comfortably without feeling rushed, and the cast is totally rad. Yay Lena Headey! Yay Boromir Sean Bean! And I already love Peter Dinklage's Imp, Tyrion Lannister. And Joffrey? UGH. I wanted to punch him the moment I saw him, so more good casting :P The brooding stillness of Kit Harington's Jon Snow was really promising too.

I'm so thankful my colleague loaned me his copy of Game of Thrones because the sheer number of people in the series is confronting (I was quite honestly lost for the first 10 or so chapters). Armed with the contents the first book in the Song of Ice and Fire series, watching the first episode was like seeing all these great characters spring into life. It just all felt right, and I'm so glad to see that in telly!

Anyways, some very random caps and MINOR SPOILERS under the cut. Winter is coming...Collapse )

In conclusion: WOLF PUPS! Which slightly makes up for the building fear that comes from knowing we're most likely gonna see some scary business in this series.

In actual conclusion: Watch Game of Thones. Thank you.
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28th-Feb-2011 07:58 am - Let's talk luxury
Okay, so I'm planning a weekend escape on the coast. Last night I was workin' the google-fu on the hunt for a nice secluded rental property with water views and sun decks.


More delicious decadence...Collapse )

It has a private 12 metre pontoon to which you may moor your Swarovsky crystal yacht.

SO. Who wants to come house-share for the weekend? If we can get 8 people together it will only set us back 4 million pp for 3 nights!

I'm mostly kidding. But it's so shiny.
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